Off the shelf, I go.

January 5, 2008 at 6:26 am (evils of drudgery)

The feelings this time round, are quite queer. Its like a cocktail of anticipation, fear, joy, comfort, reassurance, worry all shaken up into a shooter glass to be downed in a mouthful.

I don’t know how things will go from here. But hey, I am just gonna enjoy the process of dating once again.

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I would like my boyfriend to be like this too…

January 3, 2008 at 11:08 pm (evils of drudgery)

When I walk away from him mad [ he’ll follow me ]
When I stare at his lips [ he’ll smile… then kiss me ]
When I push or hit him [ he’ll hug me tight ]
When I start cursing at him [ he’ll say “I love you” ]
When I’m quiet [ he’ll hold my hand and ask what’s wrong ]
When I ignore him [ he’ll act cute so I’ll notice him ]
When I pull away [ he’ll pull me back ]
When he sees me at my worst [ he’ll tell me he loves me and I still look amazing ]
When he sees me start crying [ he’ll hold me… ask me what’s wrong ]
When he sees me walking [ he’ll approach me… give me a kiss on the cheek ]
When I’m scared [ he’ll assure me he’s not going to leave me ]
When I lay my head on his shoulder [ he’ll tilt his head too… and hold my hand]
When I steal his favorite hat [ he’ll let me keep it]
When I tease him [ he’ll tease me back and make me laugh ]
When I don’t answer for a long time [ he’ll reassure me that everything is okay ]
When I look at him with doubt [ he’ll back himself up ]
When I grab at his hands [ he’ll hold mine and play with my fingers ]
When I bump into him [ he’ll bump into me back and make me laugh ]
When I tell him a secret [ he’ll keep it safe and untold ]
When I look at him in his eyes [ he doesn’t look away until I do ]
When I say that I like him [ I really do more than he could understand ]
When I miss him [ I’m hurting inside ]
When I say it’s all over [ I still wants him to be mine ]
When he breaks my heart [ the pain never really goes away ]
– He’ll stay on the phone with me even if I not saying anything.
– When I’m mad, he’ll hug me tight and not let go.
– When I say I’m ok, he’ll not believe it and talk with me because 10 yrs later I’ll remember him.
– He’ll call me at 12:00am on my birthday to tell me he loves me.
– He’ll call me before I sleep and after I wake up.
– He’ll treat me like I’m all that matters to him.
– He’ll tease me and let me tease him back.
– He’ll stay up all night with me when I’m sick.
– He’ll watch my favorite movie with me or my favorite show even if he think it’s stupid.
– He’ll give me the world.
– He’ll let me wear his clothes.
– When I’m bored and sad, he’ll hang out with me.
– He’ll let me know that I’m important.
– He’ll kiss me in the pouring rain.
– When I run up to him crying, the first thing he’ll say is,”Whose ass am I kicking babe?”

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headlines headlines

January 3, 2008 at 6:06 am (evils of drudgery)

BBoy has split with his airstewardess girlfriend lo and behold!

Though that was supposed to be good news for me, but unfortunately its happening at the wrong time.

Can’t imagine, suddenly there are more good news flooding in for me. I hope this keeps up.

On the contrary, its Karma with a capital K when I broke my heels less than 30 minutes into door-hosting while laughing at someone during a conversation with Marco. Karma baby, karma.

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Not boasting

January 2, 2008 at 4:22 am (evils of drudgery)

But the ego’s slightly inflated on the first day of 2008, being greeted and a little overwhelmed by 3 confessions since morning till late in the afternoon.

#1: the cow-boy

#2: man from past

#3: “what if”

If this is a brilliant way to kickstart the year, I am hoping for a brilliant year ahead. On a side note, I am really glad the cow-boy is feeling the 幸福 like I do.

Have a happy 2008 folks.

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January 1, 2008 at 8:25 am (evils of drudgery)

goodness gracious me. i’ve indirectly ‘fessed up regarding the person who holds residence in my heart currently to him.

and he likes me too. i’m so totally not expecting this on the first day of 2008!

I’m so FUCKING HAPPY!!! Yay yay yay!!!


I’m so happy!

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The 木头 is so dense!!!

December 31, 2007 at 4:16 pm (evils of drudgery)

It’s an oxymoronic title because wood doesn’t really possess a high density.

Well, maybe with the exception of a particular wooden blockhead!

So I told him I like none of the boys he threw at me for the “fuck chuck and marry” game because I feel for someone else in my heart. He actually asked me who I liked! Damn. Is it not obvious enough?

He had to ask things such as “the guy you like, i see before ma or know ma”, “is that guy from outlet o or outlet d” and “so you going tell him or wait for that woodblock to move?”.

And he could end off with a “I see. Let me guess then not a lot guys including me”.


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sweet on a saccharine cow

December 30, 2007 at 12:48 pm (compulsion obsession temptations, evils of drudgery, sinful liasions)

I’ve fallen pretty ill the past 4 days, fever raging and all sickly symptoms.

But the sweetest thing that came out of it, wasn’t the cough syrup that the old fogey doctor dished out, but this endearing chap who kept the sick hag company during that period, acceding to almost all her willful demands, requests and what nots.

4 days of unadulterated bliss of being cared for, with the world centered around ME. It’s not just gratifying for the lonesome soul, but more so indulging for the foolishly smitten self, moonstruck by him.

Hopelessly fallen into the love trap.

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Quizzes of all sorts

December 27, 2007 at 12:51 pm (evils of drudgery)

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

The most positive ever horoscope comment.

fun quizzes for myspace profile and blog

Yeah, GJPS’s a cancerian, bittercoffee’s a taurean, darthvader’s a libran, JW’s a scorpion. Pretty accurate I suppose.

Addictive content in my personality is 79%

Beware!!! people easily get addicted to me

fun quizzes and meme for blog

A soul from Venus with a sexual appeal 7.4 of 10. Guys hold your breath…

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Yo Bitch Get Outta Way!

December 25, 2007 at 6:05 pm (evils of drudgery)

This is da new bitch in da house!

Welcoming… BOBO.

Okay, her name sounds so off. I know. But well, my mum likes the name the big brother gave to her. So, its here to stay for good.

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December 25, 2007 at 7:21 am (evils of drudgery)

Merry Christmas everybody!

I’ve been tired out again, working almost every other night at outlet O. But today’s exceptionally memorable that I have to blog it down.

The sweet cow gave me a white Adidas Respect Me Jacket which I totally adore to bits! And it’s way much more expensive than the Crumpler Bag I got for him.

So I asked, “You bought me a gift cos you feel guilty and responsible towards the scars on my leg?”, which by the way, is quite saddening if its true.

And he replied,” Err, a little of that. A lot more on other thing. :)”

So being the dense one, I texted, “What other thing?”

And the messages stopped there.

Does anyone have any idea what the other thing is? Do you guys think… there is a chance of… some happiness for me? Tee hee.

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